Susan Coll

Rockville Pike

Rockville Pike

Jane Kramer never imagined a life selling discount furniture and commuting between grocery stores and soccer fields via minivan. But when her father-in-law has a heart attack, she and her husband trade in their glamorous New York life for a stint running the family business on Rockville Pike, a tributary of the suburban sprawl line extending outward from Washington, D.C. Kramer’s Discount Furniture Depot sits away from several lanes of traffic, near the tombstone of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is here that Jane escapes each day at lunchtime to ponder her confusing turn in life…

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“In Rockville Pike Susan Coll demonstrates a wonderful talent for defining the suburban version of The Way We Live Now.”
Baltimore Sun
“Soccer moms, mini-vans, subdivisions, private schools, strip malls and more get satirized under Coll's wicked, observant eye…there are few books that have readers laughing out loud the way this one does.”
Washington Post
“Coll considers one woman's stalled life and the midlife crisis it provokes in her funny, poignant second novel…Coll perfectly captures Jane's coming of a certain age with feisty humor and soul-searching honesty.”
Publisher's Weekly
“Coll deftly satirizes suburbia without sacrificing warmth for humor, and her wry and wistful heroine will resonate with readers who find themselves living in the world of minivans and soccer moms without knowing quite how they got there.”

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