Susan Coll

We had a great reading of the play,, at the 2011 Kennedy Center’s 10th Annual Page to Stage Festival. Stage adaptation by the very talented John Becker.

Ella Kennedy has finally managed to find a fascinating thesis subject in the morass of Marxist political theory: Eleanor Marx, the youngest daughter of Karl and a bright light in the Marxist movement, who famously declined after a disastrous love affair. With tenacity, with vigor, Ella Kennedy, Ph.D. student extraordinaire, begins delving into the world of Eleanor as she takes a job setting up a Marxist mail-order catalogue at the fledgling Institute of Thought in Washington, D.C.–a veritable three-ring circus…

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“Coll is an energetic, imaginative writer, and her sendups of the dichotomy between one’s ivory tower principles and daily life are wryly funny.”
The New York Times
“There are plenty of dating novels and also plenty of academic novels. But Susan Coll’s antic first novel is an orginal hybrid…Coll has mastered comic pacing.”
The Washington Post
“A stylish debut.”

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