book_acceptancenotebook3Welcome to the frenetic and often comic world of college admissions, where kids recalibrate their GPAs on the basis of daily quizzes, families relocate to enhance their kids’ chances for Ivy League slots, and everyone is desperately seeking the formulate for acceptance.





“…a surprisingly funny let’s-capture-the-zeitgeist television movie” – NY Times


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Cusack: Lifetime’s ‘Acceptance’ into college is ‘so identifiable’ – USA Today



The New Yorker: "A delightfully acerbic send-up of the college admissions process...Coll is alert to the comedy---and the pathos---of a system that leads high school seniors to solicit recommendation letters from their pediatricians."


George Will, Newsweek: "...hilarious and dismaying... alarming, disturbing, disquieting, agitating, perturbing..."


USA Today:  "...Susan Coll's third novel is a winning social comedy... She captures the reasoned irrationality of teens, often with startling clarity."


People Magazine: “…the smartest, funniest novel in the growing genre…”


Entertainment Weekly: “Coll’s darkly comic novel details the pressure surrounding the college application process in a Washington, DC suburb…bristles with enough wit and ambition to earn honors…”

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